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Black MagicThe use of evil spirits for wicked and egotistic purposes is known as Black Magic or sorcery. Black magic is commonly used to harm someone in any way required, the men who practice black magic are known as Warlock and the women are known as Witches. There are two types of magics White magic and Black magic, and there are, many theories which offer explanations that there is ‘No connection’ or ‘Separate but Equal’ or ‘All as One’, these are a few theories which explains about the 2 types.

According to the “No Connection” theory, the 2 types are exclusively different. But both the types can or will be used to achieve the same results depending on the circumstances. The difference can be explained in a fictional novel like The Harry Potter series, in which the protagonist himself uses white magic and his enemies depend on black magic. The theory of “Separate but Equal” however states that there is absolutely no difference between the two, since the result will be the same no matter which way it is executed.

The “All as one” theory states that all kinds of magic are naturally evil or bad. If there is a ‘type’ of magic, then it’s evil, no magic is on the good side, because in whatever way it has been executed the result will always end up as the same, which means harming somebody for their own selfish reasons. This theory represents that black magic is connected with Satanism.

So no matter if the magic being used is white or black, both are evil and used for one’s selfish reasons.
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