Astrology Pooja

Astrology PujaAstrology Pooja means rendering offerings to God or any other superficial power by prayers or other means to obtain the things required along with the blessings.

Many kinds of Poojas are performed by people to please the God and to obtain strength to face challenging situations in life. The benefits of the performing specific poojas are as follows:
• One can obtain happiness and peace and get rid of the effects of evil forces.
• Can eliminate trouble that prevents from starting a spiritual path in business or personal life.
• They create a vibration that has positively affected the new venture to get started.
• They help in getting rid of obstacles that are affecting the business, in getting married, to start a new venture, etc.
• They help in improving the health of the mind and the body, and in speedy recovery from illness.
• They enhance the energy, leadership skills and confidence to perform good tasks in life and to cope up with life.

There are several poojas performed for different purposes. For instance, getting rid of the negative effects of planets, it is advised to perform Navagraha Pooja. Navagraha Pooja is the performed to worship all the nine planets. Each planet has its own effects on one’s life, based on their positions. There are nine planets positioned in different directions which have specific meanings and significance. Other Graha Poojas (means Pooja to please Planets) are offered to the planets to please them in getting the issues solved in the life. Poojas can be performed for Ketu, Rahu, Shani, Shukra, Bruhaspati, Budha, Mangal and Chandra. The effects of the rest of the planets, which have on the birth chart of a person, can be reduced and rectified by performing Poojas for them.

The Astrology Pooja is to be performed under the supervisions of a guru. The best person to be contacted to perform all kinds of Pooja is Pandit R.K. Sharma.

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