Vastru Shastra: The Logical Science of Architecture

Vastu TipsVastu is the Vedic Indian study of architecture and Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian Science of Architecture. The chief aim of Vastu Shastra is to bring positive vibes into your building by making a few changes in the architectural design. It brings a cordial connection between a person and the nature thereby reflecting on his/her health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, etc. It also hints us at avoiding diseases and disasters in a person’s life which are mainly owing to the negative energy surrounding him/her. There are different Vastus to be followed for different rooms of your building.

It is also important to bear in one’s mind the different directions of various structures to be used, such as residential or commercial. For example, northeastern corner of a building is apt for any auspicious ceremony, worship or prayer. Of course, this part of the building which is meant for the mentioned purposes should be maintained well with cleanliness and hygiene. Yellow is the best-suited colour in this direction. Hence, Hindus prefer this part of the building to construct their pooja room. The pooja room should not be loaded with materials and should be kept very light with regard to flooring and goods. However, it is very important that a washroom or kitchen should not be constructed in the northeastern direction to avoid the erosion of your finances. Likewise, there are other directions that eliminate positive energy from different parts of your building.

Not only it is important to keep directions into account, the use of appropriate colour, tone, texture and material do also account for creating positive energy in your building. This positive energy could bring all of that you want in your life, thus keeping you happy and safe.

Pandit R.K Sharma is a well-known astrologer and you can consult him for any queries related to Vastu Shastra as well.

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