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VashikaranIt is a word which means to have control over the other person’s mind with the help of certain methods. It is also called hypnotism.

It is a Sanskrit word in which Vashi means resources to magnetize or to manipulate and Karan means the methods and techniques of using ancient scripts. This Vashikaran can be executed by experts, who are called the guru.

The Vashikaran is based on the chakras that exist in different parts of the human body and these chakras releases positive and negative energies or aura . By commanding over the chakras of a human, Vashikaran can be done. Most people believe in this Vashikaran and consult an astrologer and other experts in the relevant field. Most of the times, the vashikaran is used to impress the person whom we desire by seeking his/her attention or to create the feeling of love in a person who is not at all interested. It is somewhat psychological science which is supported by some of the methods of authentic astrology.

Vashikaran can be performed by following the methods of worshiping and chanting some mantras. It is believed that this part of science controls the mind, action, thoughts, feeling, and even speech and behaviour of a person. The effects of Vashikaran will be only for a limited period of time.

It is also said that this Vashikaran is used by many Indian sages and Rishis of ancient times and even used by the Kings and rich, regal, splendid people who were willing to get the attention of others whom they had a desire for. Only an expert will be able to follow the methods of Vashikaran. Any person who is in need of attention from others they can contact Pandit R.K. Sharma and can get suggestions on the same.

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